Mari Petherbridge


Mari Petherbridge began her fitness career at a young age. She danced pre-professional ballet for 15 years, and had company offers on the table senior year when a serious ankle sprain turned into a career ending injury. Through years of doctors appointments, scans, and misdiagnosis, Mari was at 17 unable to take her dog for more than a 5 minute walk before shooting pain would go up and down her leg and through her ankle. 

Being uninterested in “exploratory surgery” Mari was forced to look at other options for workouts through her time of injury. Most of Mari’s dancing career she had taken the harder, faster, and more approach, and a rest day was something she didn’t understand. She tried restorative yoga, gyrotonics, and many other modalities until she finally found Pilates. This was the only form of exercise that seemed to not aggravate her injury, while giving her a tough workout. She fell in love instantly!


She became an instructor right after she turned 18, and has been in the Fitness and Pilates Industry ever since. Mari has managed multiple Pilates locations, studied with some incredible Pilates professionals, and continues to grow her practice and business mindset every year. 

Seeing how Pilates was able to give her an outlet for healthy movement, Mari strives to provide the same experience for her clients. Whether you are nursing an injury, cross training, or just looking to get back into Pilates shape, Mari is the choice for you!

What Is Pilates?

Pilates is a vigorous full-body workout that simultaneously stretches and strengthens muscles groups, leaving no muscle over or under toned. Pilates over time can create balance within the body to assure proper movement patterns and helps to eliminate risk of injuries and overtraining. 

Pilates was created by Joseph H. Pilates in the early 20th century. He originally named it Contrology, but everyone referred to it as Pilates. Joseph believed that the key to a healthy mind was physical fitness, and he created Pilates to develop the body, mind, and spirit simultaneously. Although Pilates has had some minor modernization with the scientific gain of anatomy and physiology, the principles and moves set down by Mr. Pilates remain the same.  

“In 10 sessions you’ll feel the difference, in 20 sessions you’ll see the difference, and in 30 sessions you’ll have a whole new body” Joseph H. Pilates.


Why Pilates With Mari?

Pilates by Mari is designed for the individual and their needs. At the beginning of our sessions together we will go through a needs assessment to determine any postural displacements, address any medical conditions, and develop a plan for your body with your goals in mind. Within each session Mari will hit every muscle group, and develop a program that helps you to achieve your goals while also addressing any postural needs or injuries. When you work with Mari overtime your body becomes the receipt! You will not only feel better, but you will also see physical changes within your body and develop an increased capacity for daily movements! 

Mari has worked with a number of athletes, injuries, and fitness clients alike! She is goal oriented and brings her contagious passion mixed with her knowledge to each individual body! She is committed to her client’s goals, as well as, growth and health! You won’t find a more dedicated and compassionate instructor out there. With more than 6 years in the Pilates industry Pilates by Mari is the place to bring what you have, and make it better!